Monday, June 20, 2011

GoldFish Ryu king

Among the fish that are fed by the widely popular in both domestic and international markets. Especially in Japan. Goldfish breeding goldfish Ryu McLaughlin classified as the highly popular not because gold fish, goldfish and other species of fish with Ryu king new shape and lovely color. It is also a smack in the goldfish swim with the elegant, charming.

The nature of the goldfish Ryu king is a relatively rounded body and short. The tail is long and very special. At each of the fins swim fins would blossom into an elegant look.The head of the fish will be smaller scales thicken into a mess. This species has a silver tail and tail, four fish, but more often than the latter. McLaughlin's goldfish were usually red and white. There are three colors: red, black or white. In which we popularly called McLaughlin's new 5-color, the length of fish species when grown in size, about 30 cm (measured from the head, tail).

Breeding goldfish is a fish that is relatively fragile and difficult to access. Especially a fish that has the nerve to get a feel for the temperature sensitivity is very special. In addition, the fins of fish are also quite fragile and easily broken. If the parties do not know how to breed fish that way. Fin and the tail is broken and the disability is not curable.

Goldfish are not suitable for 
Ryu king new pet goldfish much. In addition, fish fed a diet if it was not good enough. Fish is often a problem as well. The only problem is dirty water, if it will fade into the colors of the fish as well. And should not be fed outdoors. Keeping the temperature is very important.

The goldfish is a good Ryu king tail should be longer than the body. The tail fin should be orthogonal to all the fin rays of the body 45 degrees to bloom and not bent or broken. The length of fin fold into a ravine. And spines on both sides should have the same color of the fish should be dark. It is silvery scales arranged in an orderly manner.The average goldfish Ryu king in each will last about 5-6 years.
Now in Thailand, then this can breed a certain level. But not on par with Japan. The larvae breed has a very high failure rate. The average fish with fins and tail to complete less than 10% in each litter.

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