Friday, June 17, 2011

Species of the lion

Lion head goldfish varieties  Characteristics of the species, there is no dorsal fin, tail fin and a pair of short. The head is covered with jelly cubes. Has been called many names such as Hooded Goldfish, Buffalo-head Goldfish Ranchu in Japan is in the common saying "the lion" is a fish species that are very popular. The contest is a beautiful and perfect. It may be known as the King of The Goldfish.

Lion head goldfish varieties. Popular culture together.

Japanese goldfish lion head  The body is generally quite short and the back is rounded. The body color is dark orange to gold, glassy eyes. Jelly in the head with a par with fine and rather thick. Caudal fin short, and it raised almost perpendicular to the body. Anal fin to fin with the same size.
Japanese goldfish lion head.

Chinese lion head goldfishThe prototype strains of the lion. Originated in China. A goldfish has a long torso. The back does not bend much. The tail is rather long, weak convergence. Relatively large head and bushy, thick jelly than other varieties. And by the end of the jelly is ready. Makes it look like the head is larger than the body. 
The body color is orange, not gold, but many scams.
Chinese lion head goldfish.

Lion head goldfish in China. Red-headed lion-like lion, Japan.

Lion head goldfish Siam Sing Sing's eye Middlesbrough Japan.

Lion head goldfish five colors. Chinese lion head back.

Lion head goldfish money.T's like a lion (a lion head, red).

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