Friday, June 17, 2011

Goldfish Oranda.

Fish species and varieties of this breed and breeding lion heads McLaughlin also called RNAi.Fantail lionhead (Oranda).
Body style rather than a lion head goldfish varieties, and McLaughlin's body was like an elliptical or oval. Not very bloated abdomen. All fin spines especially long, hanging tail is long, flat, very beautiful. Breeding goldfish is divided into sub-species has the head and the colors.
Original Oranda body is not quite gel Yawri fin spines very long at all.
Oranda jelly head, body and tail is as long as Miranda on the plain. But the area is covered with jelly-like head, lion head goldfish varieties, but the jelly will not cover the entire head to head in the middle of a jelly, and jelly is good to have a rectangular look.from the top.
Red cap oranda Miranda is on the gel because it has a red jelly on the head and body with a white Japanese call it. We have tons of body white, silver gelatin on the head of a red ball. I like wearing a red hat.
Calico oranda like Miranda on the head, body gel, but there are 5 colors of red, orange, blue, black and white.
Vailtail a long bushy tail. Streaming length of the dorsal fin. The head has little or no gel. The body of a flat stomach, rounded sides, but after a bit. The protruding area is very steep. The head of the spike. The dorsal fin is long and high. Caudal fin is deeply concave ring.

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