Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goldfish in telephone booth: an original aquarium in Japan

Japan is the home of our beloved goldfish, we know this, and it is not uncommon for Eastern invent the public aquariums very original and evocative ... the ultimate in Japanese aquarium, however, is truly unique: goldfish kept in an old phone booth in the middle of the road!

From the stylistic point of view, the idea is really very nice: the urban landscape is in fact enriched by this great aquarium that offers a splendid view, we can imagine how it is pleasant to spend a few minutes in front of shoals of goldfish swimming happily in many liters available.

Moreover, the phone booths are in use for a long time, in Italy as in the world ... as the most sympathetic to reuse them!

With regard to the 'technical aspect Therefore the functionality of the "cabin" in view of the well-being of red fish, the aquarium is questionable, of course, the tank developed in height and width is not greater ease of use, but the magnitude is such that the fish still have plenty of space to swim in a horizontal manner. Also with regard to oxygenation, the contact surface with the air is congruent to that of the base, therefore, a structure of this type does not create problems.

An ingenious idea, which can be a stimulus to every lover of aquariums and goldfish: just a large tank, a filter and a few other precautions to make an aquarium beautiful and functional.

Needless to say, that would be great to see something like this in Italy, but it would take a culture of utmost respect of public works and animal ... probably without proper management and supervision, an aquarium of its kind in the street you could not keep adequately.

Want to see pictures of this beautiful aquarium street? Here -

Japan, phone booths become aquariums
Roaming the streets of Osaka, Japan, with the red suits. Like the color of the fish they carry. Then take aim at a phone booth into disuse, worn by time and therefore unusable. And turn it into a giant aquarium where spilling dozens of goldfish. And 'This is the "work" of a Japanese collective that calls itself "The club of the goldfish." Five students from the University of Art and Design in Kyoto who have chosen this species - for the Japanese symbol of happiness and prosperity - to revive those phones now abandoned by the citizens