Sunday, October 9, 2011

Start feeding the goldfish.

Start feeding the goldfish. Is one that requires attention is the backbone of fish farming is to buy a goldfish as a species you raise. If you can buy a good fish. It is a success. In fish farming to more or less.

When you decide that. To feed goldfish. You should learn to see the results by the type of goldfish is called giving. The species is cultured. You should be buying them in it. Otherwise, you may have to regret. When buying a goldfish from the small Do not care about anything. When the fish grow. You may have met with disappointment because the feeding fish are not pretty or have a disability. May be discouraged to stop feeding it.

But conversely, if you're going to have to buy a goldfish as a species, then the chances are you will get good quality fish, it is much easier. You may be the breeding goldfish for sale as a byproduct.

Buying goldfish to play much, if not necessarily easy to master, you should have to buy a goldfish.

First, you should be buying a goldfish from the store or farm goldfish goldfish are very reliable. And you should be able to see the fish as the species you are feeding them enough. Or to find out who has the ability to see the fish to buy a goldfish. Important should the price of each fish is different compared with

Second, you should be buying a goldfish healthy disease-free. The goldfish has been damage in transit. By observing the fish swimming in the pool is always calm and swimming is not unusual. Like a rolling somersault swinging. Or the short game. Or as soon as abnormal. The friction with the water body back and forth.

You should choose to fish with enthusiasm. The move normally. The balance of the fish with the use of fins remained normal. All the fins and swim fins for swimming. You may use the fish I catch fish by using a sieve, slowly switch to the other (do they see it), observing the movement of fish to escape. Goldfish are good to run fast and smooth he is. Do not buy fish that got away this way and I jumped up and down Turnturai.

Goldfish swim headlong plunge to the bottom of a tank. Do not swim parallel to the aquarium. Or swimming without fins in a fin swimming. A prohibition on buying a goldfish. Although fish can be pretty harrowing scale of difficulty.

Third, avoid buying fish that are thin or obese is not fin-shaped fin is double the length of the short side of some small some big. The shop owner will tell you that lean and strong, this is a fat fish, fish, male or female, that many pet food does not reach so skinny. The bony fishes are often hidden disease. Services are not big and weak. Fish, fat fish, flatulence may be the wind in the stomach. This leads to the settled well into the future.

Another consideration. When you walk into a shop selling fish. Should be observed to look around for some good glimpse into the trash. That there are some dead fish or not. A dead fish in the aquarium or not. If not, then they should be avoided as well.

Goldfish are good and not a disease. Notice the color on the fish will not scratch or scrape the scales have to be shiny and orderly. All fish must not be torn or fin rot. The bleeding points under the fuselage and tail fin. Moreover, no contamination to the island or have any bright, bulging eyes are bulging out of frustration with a colorful fish in the aquarium if there is any thing wrong with these. Should not buy the fish in the aquarium. In order to prevent the disease or to buy a goldfish, goldfish diseases and the spread of the fish at home.

Any suggestions on how to choose a goldfish. Buying fish is not difficult and it is not easy. You should also take into account the shape of the various species of fish purchased goldfish from the international standards. The shop has a good fish care.

Important to note that fish is not a disease. If you fish. The aquarium, which is currently selected. There are fish that have been implied to the disease. Do not buy fish in the aquarium, it is strictly prohibited. Although there are many fish that are rich and beautiful. Need a new aquarium or store it at all.

Should compare the price of each fish should not be hasty decision. In terms of price or quality. But if you fish right here, do not hesitate. It may be just a face to face. In particular, I want to have friends like you to buy a goldfish, goldfish together. It may be disputable

Should find out who is knowledgeable about the goldfish. In the field of view and can provide you with the knowledge or experience in fish farming. If you do not have much experience, and no counseling. We recommend purchasing an inexpensive goldfish is a goldfish or a small, inexpensive access to it would be good practice.

Another thing is needed before buying a pet goldfish to prepare equipment and services, including water containers to be ready when you go to buy fish. The size of the container to feed on the size and number of fish as well. I believe that fish is expensive, must be always a good fish. The fish that came from abroad. The fish is good by nature and as a goldfish.

Fish or fish that has been cultivated in the country, it is a good fish as well. Recommendations of the foregoing, this It is useful to help you choose fish that are good and some are not.


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