Friday, June 17, 2011

Fish beloved goldfish.

Goldfish are commonly called. Goldfish (English: Goldfish) is a freshwater fish. In the carp family (Cyprinidae) is the scientific name is Carassius auratus fish that originated in China and Japan. The breed was developed at least 2,000 years into a wide variety of fish species present.

The goldfish that. The first man to fish farming. Evidence that at least 2,000 years ago, a sculpture of a goldfish swimming in the pond together. China is the first country to raise goldfish. But Japan is developing varieties of goldfish that are beautiful and diverse to the present.

Goldfish-shaped fort has a weight scale, thin, smooth, flat, rounded pectoral fins, a tail wind. The fish eat the plants. And small insects for food. Is a voracious fish that can eat throughout the day. When the breeding season males have a bump under the pectoral and facial acne. Fish stomach, the abdomen will swell out Aom. By plant breeding. The eggs hatch about 2 days.

Goldfish color ranging from red, gold, orange, gray, black and white, even the goldfish in the same goodies. In nature, like the canal adjacent to the swamps and rivers. May last up to 20-30 years if it is in a good environment. I was introduced to farming in Europe in the 17th century and has been published in America in the 19th century in Thailand Believe that a goldfish in the Ayutthaya period in the middle of a tribute to the court.

The fish are fed a beautiful The fish fed the play is about the life span of 7-8 years, very few older than 20 years, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Becoming the largest exporter of goldfish.

Who often eat fish larvae and mites and larvae of various insects, as well as pelleted food. The length varies by species. From 4-45 cm long goldfish varieties that have been popular in the market today include a variety of  LION HEAD , ORANDA , PEARL SCALE , TELESCOPE EYE ,  RYUKIN , BUBBLE EYE , SHUBUNKIN , BLACK SIAM  and so on.

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